Self-Introduction: Christopher Grebs

Christopher Grebs cg at
Wed Nov 12 14:50:03 UTC 2008

Hey there, my name is Christopher Grebs, I'm from Berlin, Germany and I'm 18
years old.

I just joined the german translation team to help translating fedora into my
mother tongue. I'm not full approved at all but I think It just takes some
time to get so.

*About me*

Well, I'm on an apprenticeship to a IT electronics technician, doing
community work is one of my favorite jobs and I'm doing a lot of things
Worth mentioning skills and interests are these:

 * quite good Python and C# (Mono) knowledge
 * A lot of community work for the german ubuntu-community
   --> I'm member of the german webteam (there I'm mostly
responsible for the new portal system Inyoka)
   --> I just held one presentation on the latest german ubuntu conference

But ... enough with my ubuntu work, I wanna help my favorite linux
distribution and as such, here I am :-)

*Me and the Fedora Project*

Fedora was the first distribution that showed my how cool Linux is (this was
around the year 2005) and after some experiments with a lot of other distris
I fall back in love with Fedora (as of Fedora 7). I just installed Fedora as
a project at a school (about 30 clients) and I'm doing some some marketing
work in my private environment.

*GPG Key*

[shoxi at cgquaak translations]$ gpg --fingerprint C06BCF6C
pub   1024D/C06BCF6C 2008-01-12
      Key fingerprint = 714B 8C41 618A 79CD 8020  AB3A C710 0D1C C06B CF6C
uid                  Christopher Grebs <cg at>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 4081]
uid                  [jpeg image of size 2392]
sub   2048g/3F57E472 2008-01-12

If there are further questions, just ask :-)
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