Contributors (Localization)!

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Thu Nov 13 02:37:57 UTC 2008

Noriko Mizumoto さんは書きました:
> Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel さんは書きました:
>> Hi,
>> There are number of languages 
>> <> increased in terms of 
>> translations of release notes for Fedora 10 compared to previous Fedora 
>> releases.
>> When are we going to update the contributors (Translation) 
>> <> 
>> list?
>> It would be better if contributors list gets updated as soon as 
>> possible, since tomorrow release-notes will be freezed along with 
>> translations I think...
> I can see the ticket created, but no progress.
> If it is allowed, each language team coordinator or translator in charge
> can add their names in this ticket?

I could grab quaid and talk on this matter.
Now I added some language translators in the ticket, but they not cover
all translators who has been working on F10.
Could all release note translators please check and add yourself in the

<noriko> quaid: hello
<noriko> quaid: would you like to have all names of translators in this
<noriko> I can post to f-t-l?
<quaid> noriko: all names in that ticket would be great!
<quaid> noriko: feel free to post to f-trans-l as well, for fixes,
additions, etc.
<noriko> quaid: cool~~, thanks


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