How to update f10 branch?

Rui Gouveia rui.gouveia at
Mon Nov 17 17:26:26 UTC 2008

Paul W. Frields wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 09:54 +0100, Geert Warrink wrote:
>> With the recent introduction of a f10 branch for the release notes,
>> I wonder how to update po files in the f10 branch using Transifex.
>> I only found a way to update the master branch.
> The good folks running Transifex will need to add the "f10" branch to
> the list of branches being offered through the site, I believe.
Just for the fun of it. I started the translation of the "Docs :: Readme
Live Image" file to Portuguese (pt_PT).

I submitted it to both branches, master and f10. Was this the proper


Rui Gouveia

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