Zero-day POT for F-10 Release Notes

Diego Búrigo Zacarão diegobz at
Mon Nov 24 17:19:55 UTC 2008


2008/11/22 Paul W. Frields <stickster at>

> I am sending the zero-day material to the 'f10' branch of the Release
> Notes for translation.  The total changes from this material are five
> (5) fuzzy messages and four (4) untranslated messages.
> I would like to sincerely thank the entire Fedora L10n team, including
> all of our local teams worldwide, for their amazing efforts during
> this cycle.  Thanks to your work, the Fedora 10 release notes are
> going to be seen completed or nearly completed in *16* languages this
> release, which I believe is an all-time high!
> Thank you to all the members of FLSCo for their work, and also Noriko
> Mizumoto and Ankitkumar Patel for helping us identify and resolve some
> procedural problems in documentation translation.  We will be working
> during the early part of the Fedora 11 cycle to debug the overall
> release schedules for Documentation and Translation.  As a result, the
> two teams will work even more harmoniously together.
> Great work, everybody!  I will capture the new content on Monday
> afternoon to be included in publication on the Web, and packaged as an
> updated F-10 RPM shortly thereafter.

Just to say that I have noted the links in Colophon.xml are still in the
wiki old style. I means that some links will be broken because, AFAIK, we
should use now<user> urls.
Also some links, like my name, are completely wrong "úrigoZacarão" instead "", even in the old style.

In order to avoid these problems I would suggest to drop the links from the
Colophon.xml file. It seems a reasonable solution because just an halt of
the contributors there were added with links for their wiki pages. Now it
would be a chance to standardize that page.

The disadvantage is the fact that this change would create again new strings
in the PO/POT files.
~35 fuzzy and ~33 untrans for the 100% translated languages. But it would be
simple strings as we just would change contributor names


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