Self-Introduction: Corentin Perard

Corentin Perard corentin.perard at
Mon Nov 24 23:55:32 UTC 2008

Hi all of you fedora translators !

My name is Corentin, known as troubi_51 on the french forum and on IRC

I am currently a student at Troyes' University in France (it is called
the UTT: Université de Technologie de Troyes)

I'd like get involved in fedora's translations because I think french
translation of my favourite Linux distro is far from complete.

I have been using fedora for 1 year and a half now (I began using Linux
with ubuntu), and I am used to reporting bugs, doing simple admin tasks
on my personal notebook. I also have created a fedora server using mail
server, ssh, web, mysql (for cacti and nagios) at France 3 (one of our
public television channels).
I am also involved in the Fedora Unity project (as a tester only, for
the moment)

I have some qualifications in Interface design as I am currently
attending a course about this particular computer skill (we only work on
Delphi, anyway). I also have a diploma in networking and
telecommunications ( a 2 years university training). Finally, I have
worked for a French web hosting solutions company, which is called 
Ikoula, and
which, by the way, hosts infrastructure.

Thank you all for allowing me to participate and contribute to the
Fedora project !

So, I am eager to begin contributing.... could someone tell me how to 
get started ? (I already have a fedora account, signed key, etc.).
Thanks !

See you !

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