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Re: F10 Preview release notes

Even if the Tajik language does not meet minimum requirements for the tarnslation of essential files. Are there any way to include Tajik language to Fedora 10?

Tajik Fedora and Software Localization Team

Paul W. Frields wrote:
I'm working on publishing a preview of the Fedora 10 release notes on
the web.  They will appear shortly at:


Because we are still trying to get all the content updated for a final
POT/PO drop on November 6, some strings may have changed since
translators last worked on them.  I am publishing all current locales
of the release notes regardless.

If you see strings on the web version that you're sure you translated,
but appear in English instead, there may have been a "fuzzy" change.

Remember that you will have until November 13 to complete all release
notes translations for the F10 GA release.  The Docs team will build
the RPM for the release on November 14 to deliver to release


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