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Re: F10 Release Notes PO files

Magnus Larsson さんは書きました:
It doesn't destroy it. If it did, you would have to re-translate all
strings, every time you update a POT file...
One thing to be careful about is the msgmerge and msgfmt commands. They will
destroy your po files if it cannot merge. So I wrote a simple script to
"backup" my po file before I merge it. Se below.

The only problem with updating the POT file, is when you update too early
(not completely finished release notes). Then translators will translate
things that maybe will be deleted in later versions and waste time. So I
say, if the doc is almost finished (and only minor fixes are made) then
update the POT file as often as possible.

I found (I think) that Transifex does not warn any conflict but accept the commit, thus it can override latest file with older file.

      echo "kor.."
      cp sv.po sv.po.beforemerge.$RANDOM
      msgmerge sv.po *.pot > tmp.po
      mv tmp.po sv.po
      msgfmt -cvo /dev/null sv.po

Thanks you Magunus,
This helps a lot.


On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 10:13 AM, Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>wrote:

On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 11:44:23AM -0300, Domingo Becker wrote:
2008/11/5 Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>:
On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 11:08:55AM +1000, Noriko Mizumoto wrote:

It seems that POT and PO files have now been updated.
This was supposed to happen on 6-Nov, and many of us have not
our files yet. We now have to stop working.

One funny thing to me, the total number of strings decreased to 1024

Could someone please let us know what is happening?

I believe I'm the person who updated the POT, but I thought I was
giving translators early content to make sure they were able to work
as long as possible on the correct content.

Are you saying that updating the POT files destroys your previous
work?  I thought that the update would simply mark new strings that
have changed a little bit as fuzzy.  Does this really require that
work stop?  Don't translators have a way of getting the updates
without destroying their existing work?

It seems it does not destroy translations.
I started translations with an es.po file a week ago, I commited
translations some hours ago, against the new es.po file with the new
strings and it seems it does not destroy my work.
t.fp.o [1] shows for Spanish 341/476/207 (1024 strings) while my
poEdit shows 353/477/200 (1030 strings). Of course, I have to download
the new .po file to continue working.
I wonder what will happen when we do the *next* change of the POT and
PO.  I expect that the gettext utils would mark some things fuzzy if
there is a slight change between your work and the new updates.  I
would certainly hope that no work would be completely lost or futile!

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