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Finishing F10 Docs & Translation schedules

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you all. I was hoping we could do this real time, but I guess that isn't going to work out for now. Maybe we can meet at FUDCon to make sure the Fedora 11 schedule is setup correctly from the start?

I built a special report that combines the docs and translation tasks into one schedule if that is more helpful to look at.

The other schedules are in their regular places using the header navigation here:

Here are the questions and things I am still not clear on.

1) For schedule tracking purposes the primary work products, what work products are {created by the docs team && translated by the translation team}:
    a) fedora-release-notes.rpm (ALL files inside)
    b) Installation guide
    c) ????
--I guess the pattern I'm seeing in the schedule we have so far is that we don't have consistent tasks (or they aren't labeled correctly) for each work product (e.g. create content, review content, freeze, generate pot, translate, translation deadline, publish content, etc.)

2) Other questions referring to the indexes or task numbers here:

a) What is the deadline for translating the releases notes (26)? Four days seems too short.

b) The release notes string freeze did not take place until Oct 17, correct? (25) How does this affect the time needed to translate?

c) I thought I saw on docs-list that someone said more time needs to be scheduled for creating the POT file for release notes (24)? How many days should it be?

d) There is a string freeze for the Install Guide (31)
   i) when is the POT created?
   ii) how long is the translation period? take to translated?

e) What are tasks (35) to (38)? "web site" is vague.


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