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Re: translation-quick-start-guide

Piotr Drąg さんは書きました:
Paul W. Frields pisze:
* A decision from some accountable person in L10n that they want to move
the TQSG

I think we have general consensus that the move from CVS is necessary.

* The name of the person who will be responsible for overseeing
maintenance of that doc, so we can put it in Fedora Hosted

Noriko is de facto current maintainer of that doc. Also me and some other l10n people are actively trying to help her.
Thank you raven,
Fabien also is working on it.

If FLSCo or some other decision-making entity decides on git, I can
easily help create the repository, Trac, and so forth.  I've done it
several times now for Docs.  If you decide on something else, I can't
help, but that should be purely up to the L10n team to decide.

+ 1 for git. What's your opinion, Noriko? Anyone else?
I am not enough knowledge anyway, but docs team go with git, so +1 for git.

btw, who is 'dragostargovisteanu'?


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