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Re: Self Introduction : Muhammad Panji

muhammad panji さんは書きました:
Dear All,
My name is Muhammad Panji, I use linux since 2001 and doing
translation for some open source project since 2002. it is my first
time using CVS and git for translation, previously for another open
source project which I involved I just send the translated .po to the
maintainer so I might need help from all of you in the process of
learning it. I will help indonesian translation of fedora project.
thank you for your time.
Best Regards,

Welcome Muhammad!
We are using Damn Lie for checking stat and downloading file and Transifex for submitting file. They are very easy to handle :)

Here is your team page, https://translate.fedoraproject.org/teams/id.
Please introduce yourself to your local language team if not yet.
This is translation quick start guide, which needs some update at "documentation translation" section, but still it should be some of help.

Thank you for joining us!


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