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Re: Submit Translations to fedora-web.test

Ricky Zhou wrote:
On 2008-11-18 02:02:51 PM, Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel wrote:
Can't we disable the "fedora-web" repo from the "transifex" submission page, to avoid the confusion?
Good idea - I've disabled that repo for now.

Just remember to get the latest POT file from:

^ notice the fedora-web.test.git


Hi Ricky,

Sorry to bother you once again on this issue, but some of the other things needs to be corrected as well along with this issue.

1. There are basically three translations sub-modules (Fedoraproject.org, fedorahosted.org, talk.fedoraproject.org) fall under the module Fedora Website. Out of these three, I think only one is pointing the correct repo, which is "Fedora Test Websites" Or "fedoraproject.org", named as "fedora-web.test.repo" on Transifex. Rest of the two are going to the wrong repo, "fedora-web.repo". Could you please check this? 2. Damned Lies page is still showing all three of these sub-modules from "fedora-web.repo". It needs correction as well! 3. Some of the localizers have submitted their translations to the wrong "fedora-web.repo" instead of "fedora-web.test.repo" and they might have removed the backup from their local machines. So, can we do some sync (or merge) btw these two repos "fedora-web.repo" and "fedora-web.test.repo" for all three of these modules, to make sure everything is in place for both of the repos for all languages!

Thanks a lot for all your help & support!

Ankit Patel

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