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Re: Write your own local release announcement

Appreciate if you could let us know by when and how we have to submit the local release announcement.

Thanks in advance

Best regards
Ani Peter
Malayalam Team

Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
Instead of writing a dry, boring English release announcement for
translation ...

You are encouraged to write your own announcement, in your native
language, for your region of the world.

Please collaborate with other members of your localization/Ambassador
community for your 'formal' announcement.

Ambassadors -- please lead this effort within your language/locale.

Here are the points to discuss:


You do not need to cover most or all of those; pick what you think
your audience wants to hear about the most.
This page explains the process in more detail, with links to previous


Still fixing a few things on that page, but it's usable right now. :)

- Karsten

ps - pardon the cross post, mea culpa

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