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Re: Coordinator details in Language status page

Piotr Drąg wrote:
Ani Peter pisze:
In the language status page, the link given for the coordinator points to an empty page. For example, the status page for Malayalam team [1] has the coordinator link as [2] which is an empty page. But the details of coordinator exists in another page [3].

Appreciate if someone could advise me how to correct this. Should I create a page and duplicate the details in the link given in the status page or is it better to change the link ([2]) to the one that already exists ([3])?

This is side effect of our migration to MediaWiki. It was announced that every contributor have to do some manual steps after migration:

http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraProject:Wiki_migration_to-do#Individual_folks_to-do_list (point 2.)

Done. Thanks a lot.


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