FLP Meeting 2008-09-30 IRC Log

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Fri Oct 3 10:40:40 UTC 2008

We had a quick meeting the other day, here's the log.

<glezos_> Rasther, vpv, marek, rest: Let's have a quick one, I can chair
<glezos_> <meeting>
<glezos_> Here's the summary from the previous meeting:
<glezos_> Schedule:
<glezos_> OK, FLSCo communicated with all the necessary parties and
<glezos_> the schedule has been updated to include one week for
package rebuilding.
<glezos_> I had a meeting with poelcat and we made clear for most
schedule tasks what's needed, etc.
<glezos_> Soon the Fedora L10n project will have its own schedule,
with all the important dates on it.
<glezos_> I think it'll be awesome.
<glezos_> The mail for the string freeze and deadline move was sent to
all related lists.
<glezos_> - Haven't heard of any volunteers for the script to check rebuilds.
<glezos_> The second TODO has been done too, I have asked Releng to
include L10n in their freeze emails, to avoid having another one sent.
<glezos_> - Fedora Docs in Rh-internally-supported languages: AFAIK
the process continues normally. I hope this project will make it into
<glezos_> um
<glezos_> *success.
<ln-> d'ogh, i tested the F10 Beta Live CD a minute ago, and it seems
the keyboard layout selection has no effect.
<glezos_> ln-: bug report.
<glezos_> Also, the Beta Release Meeting took place last week, and
I've notified the rest of the project Leaders for L10n's requirements.
<glezos_> Oh, (IMO) Runa (mishti) is doing a great job with FWN.
* glezos_ raises a glass
<ln-> already kind of reported, it seems:
<glezos_>  - Docs move: We're having issues with the Publican format.
<glezos_> AFAIK Docs would like to move to publican for F10
<glezos_> I think asgeirf is working on that, which is great,
otherwise F10 Docs would have serious (maybe show-stopper) problems in
* glezos_ looking forward to a quick solution to make both Publican
and L10n possible.
* glezos_ covered most things he'd like
<glezos_> in monologue :(
<vpv> glezos_: any details about the publican problem, bugzilla or something?
<glezos_> vpv: um.. the only 'problem' is that nothing in our
toolchain supports it,
<Rasther> vpv: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-trans-list/2008-September/msg00108.html
<vpv> ok, thanks
<vpv> (haven't been following the mailing list too closely lately)
<glezos_> any other comments? (open floor)
<zebob> could we talk about cvsl10n sponsoring ?
<glezos_> zebob: sure, what's up?
<Rasther> We are having other issues with DL, but it was reported already..
<glezos_> Rasther: you're working on fixing stats, right? :P
<Rasther> ricky was taking a look early, not sure if it was fixed
<zebob> in the french team we've got some people (sponsored of course)
who commit translation but we don't know them
<zebob> they never show up on the ml for example
<glezos_> zebob: what can we do about that?
<zebob> maybe this is not the right place to talk aout that
<Rasther> glezos_: I'm trying...
<Rasther> zebob: why not? go ahead! :)
<zebob> the sponsoring process sucks a bit, sponsoring should be under
the responsability of team coordinator for a particular lang
<ricky> glezos_: I had no luck, feel free to take a stab
<zebob> actually we've got people we don't even know making
translations (often duplicate of our team work) and this work doesn't
follow our QA
* glezos_ a bit away
<glezos_> zebob: hmm. This is probably a good discussion on the mailing list.
<Rasther> ricky: was it not a balance problem?
<glezos_> zebob: feel free to provide suggestions on how to
<glezos_> on how to fix the process. If it's producing not optimal
results, we should fix it.
<ricky> Rasther: It might be something wrong with just app1 or app2,
but I didn't find anything useful in the traceback or the apache logs
<zebob> glezos_, sorry but which ml ? l10n or i18n
<glezos_> zebob: I think it's not possible right now with the current
FAS. Here's a plan:
<glezos_> On TQSG we have mentioned that the new user should put on
the ocmment field what lang he'd like to translate to
<Rasther> ricky: :(
<glezos_> so we could agree among sponsors that if someone is
registering for French, leave it to the French coordinator
<glezos_> zebob: do you guys have a sponsor?
<zebob> me
<zebob> well thanks
<glezos_> zebob: so the problem is mainly submissions
<glezos_> right?
<glezos_> commits, I mean
<zebob> the problem is we don't know those people
<zebob> yes commit by unknow people
<zebob> which conflicts with our workflow
<glezos_> zebob: ok. Here's a (big) suggestion then:
<glezos_> This can be solved in Tx then..
<glezos_> At some point (soon I think) we'll adding workflow support.
<glezos_> We can make sure we solve it in a way that will help you
guys with this. For example, translation maintainers of certain
projects could "allow" transltaions from particular peiple
<zebob> I hope so, but Tx dev is far far away from fp.o point of view :)
<glezos_> zebob: We're open to any suggestions.
<glezos_> Let's take this on list and transifex-devel (or IRC #transifex)
* glezos_ needs to go
<zebob> glezos_, Asgeir already have all my suggestions:)
<zebob> just another quick question : does people from redhat.com have
the « right » to supersede ours translations ?
<glezos_> zebob: no.
<zebob> Can we shout at them then ? :)
<zebob> good night, and thanks for answering o/
<glezos_> zebob: Fedora is a community project. Bottom line, the
project maintainer has the final say on who is responsible for
<zebob> ok
<Rasther> for now: I guess we could notify the cvsl10n sponsors for
only give access for users that are from their specific lang
<glezos_> zebob: if you have an issue with your team, I'd suggest to
resolve it internally. I'd suggest not to shout (hehe), but explain
why you think your opinion is more correct (or, more aligned with
Fedora's goals)
<zebob> imho we should have : 1 team coordinator = 1 sponsor
<glezos_> zebob: if there's something the team itself can't solve ,the
problem _can_ escalate up to FLSCo, if needed to FESCo and eventually
the Fedora Board.
<zebob> that's what we'll do then
<glezos_> zebob: thanks. Each team is responsible for its own
workflow. But FLSCo is concerned in having healthy collaboration
between all people.
<glezos_> Please keep us informed if there are any issues you guys
can't solve internally.
<zebob> ok no problem
<zebob> thanks, good night
<Rasther> gn
* glezos_ closing in 30
<ln-> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=464858
<glezos_> </meeting>
<glezos_> thanks folks

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