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Requesting a string freeze break of comps

Hi everybody,

I'd like to ask for a string freeze break of the comps file for F10,
because I want to add a new group for LXDE [1] called lxde-desktop. See
diff below for the proposed changes.

People should be able to install LXDE with a single click/command.

Minor, only two stings all together: The first one can not be
translated, LXDE will always be LXDE. The second string is the
description, which is not even visible in package kit these days. So
localization of this string is not really necessary but only nice to
have for 'yum groupinfo'.

Impact of not accepting the break:
If we don't add this group to comps the LDXE feature is definitely
washed-up for F10.

Sorry for the noise,

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/LXDE

--- comps-f10.xml.in	2008-10-15 23:52:31.000000000 +0200
+++ comps-f10.xml.in.lxde	2008-10-16 00:14:57.000000000 +0200
@@ -3184,6 +3184,30 @@
+    <id>lxde-desktop</id>
+    <_name>LXDE</_name>
+    <_description>Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment.</_description>
+    <default>false</default>
+    <uservisible>true</uservisible>
+    <packagelist>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">lxde-common</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">lxpanel</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">lxsession-lite</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">openbox</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="mandatory">pcmanfm</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="default">gpicview</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="default">leafpad</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="default">lxappearance</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="default">lxtask</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="default">lxterminal</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="default">xarchiver</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="optional">lxlauncher</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="optional">obconf</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="optional">obmenu</packagereq>
+      <packagereq type="optional">parcellite</packagereq>
+    </packagelist>
+  </group>
+  <group>
     <_name>Macedonian Support</_name>
@@ -5001,6 +5025,7 @@
+      <groupid>lxde-desktop</groupid>

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