FLP Meeting 2008-09-16 IRC Log

Dimitris Glezos dimitris at glezos.com
Wed Sep 17 07:17:48 UTC 2008

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-- Init
<glezos> hey all
<glezos> It's the FLP meeting, live from selected locations around the world!
<ankit> hi glezos
<glezos> Good day, afternoon and evening, wherever you are. :)
<glezos> <rollcall>
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* marek Marek Mahut (sk)
<runa_b> Runa Bhattacharjee (bn_IN)
<ankit> Ankit (gu)
<fabian_a> Fabian Affolter (de)
<Bouska1> Pablo Martin-Gomez (fr)
<glezos> Dimitris Glezos (el)
<Rasther> DiegoZacarao (pt_BR)
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joined #fedora-meeting
<noriko> Noriko Mizumoto (ja)
<glezos> right on.
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-- Update on previous' meeting action items
<glezos> Last meeting's minutes:
<glezos> (thanks Noriko)
<noriko> :)
<glezos> Who'd like to volunteer to prepare this meeting's minutes?
<fabian_a> i will do it
<glezos> I'll mark all action items in the log. :)
<glezos> fabian_a: great, thanks.
<glezos> So, on the past action items/summary
<glezos> Freeze and Deadlines:
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-- Update on previous' meeting action items -- Freezes
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<glezos> The FLSCo discussed about changing the Translation Deadline
to one week earlier, to give enough time to packagers to repackage
their translations
<glezos> The vote passed, and I've sent an email to RelEng. Waiting
for their answer.
<glezos> f13: ping, if around: Should we go on with the Schedule
updating, now that RelEng hasn't raised any concerns?
<glezos> Schedule: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/10/Schedule
-- We'll move it from 21/10 to 14/10. Still enough time for plenty
<glezos> I'd like to thank everyone on FLSCo for quickly giving their
feedback, and helping getting this issue close to resolving.
<glezos> This is exactly why we have created the group, to have an
official stamp of approval for these kinds of decisions
<glezos> noriko was the main player here who pinged me and sees the
issue to completion. Thanks.
<glezos> TODO: Get a reply from RelEng, update Schedule, mail
-trans-list and -devel-list (glezos, noriko)
<glezos> comments?
<ankit> thx guys for sorting out the issue!
<runa_b> glezos: should we go ahead with 14th as the target or wait
until rel-eng reverts?
<runa_b> i mean is there any chance of change in the schedule.. based
upon rel-eng's feedback
<glezos> runa_b: The translation deadline is FLSCo's call (it doesn't
affect the releng procedure), and I think it's safe to assume that
we'll move it in the following days.
<runa_b> glezos: right. as long as the packages are rebuilt once again
post 14th.. things look all set
<noriko> actually it would be good for packagers too, allowing more
time to include translation.
<glezos> right.
<noriko> I am happy to see this happened, thank you all!
<glezos> One of the things we'd like to have is someone write a Python
script that queries Koji and notifies for any core packages that
haven't been rebuild.
<glezos> Volunteer Python hackers are welcome to play with it ($me
discretely pointing to fabian_a)
<noriko> glezos: sounds good idea, but could you please explain me
what exactly happen or the benefit of it?
<Rasther> this would be great
<runa_b> glezos: good one.. this would be cool
<glezos> noriko: We need to make sure the packages which are shipped,
Fedora is upstream for, and FLP translate are re-packaged between the
T Deadline and the Development Freeze. A script could take care of
<glezos> TODO: Ask on -trans-list and -infrastructure-list for people
to hack a script for checking re-packaging.
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-- Update on previous' meeting action items -- FUDCon Brno
<noriko> glezos: yp! that is what we need!!
 Rasther rayvd rdieter ReneP ricky rsc runa_b rwmjones
<glezos> glezos, Rasther and Cmpahar were there. Quite some Transifex
hacking, lots of input from folks.
<glezos> Event reports at
<f13> glezos: please do
<glezos> f13: thank you
<zebob> thx !
<glezos> I had a few discussions with Fedora and RH developers who
receive translations through Transifex. They seem very satisfied with
the fact that they spend much less time with translations now.
<glezos> Some feedback I got suggested to increase the documentation
and communication with them for what we need. More emails to
-devel-list and -devel-announce
<glezos> TODO: Send an email to releng reminding them to have a
section for L10n in their mails to -devel-announce. Specifically, in
the one announcing that in X days the development freeze will happen.
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<glezos> The Transifex speech went pretty well. It seems that a lot of
folks, downstream and upstream, Fedora developers and independent
ones, are looking forward to a common installation on a central
location (eg. transifex.net/com) for an upstream translation community
to be formed there.
<marek> glezos: I had, unfortunately, bad reports about transifex
server stability from community :(
<marek> they don't want to use it and prefers to send me the po files
directly by mail :(
<glezos> marek: yes, the maintenance of our L10n infrastructure has
issues. I'm doing my best with my experience (developer, not
administrator) and time to manage it
<marek> I'll try to reserve a time to help with that
<glezos> we've repeatedly asked for folks interested in it to help out
with the administration. The call is still open.
<marek> glezos: do we know what's the root cause of the slowness?
<marek> application or misconfiguration or anything else?
<glezos> Also, I think many people also have raised the opinion that
having a RH person also accountable for these could greatly improve
our productivity.
<marek> indeed, but you know... it's not a Red Hat product :)
<glezos> marek: Tx is OK, Damned Lies is slow. One reason is because
the DB is in SQLite and gets quite big sometimes and needs cleanup.
Also DL needs updating to newer versions (trunk)
<glezos> Transifex (/submit) is always responsive, AFAIK. Please
correct me if I'm wrong.
<marek> yup that's true
<noriko> so the bottleneck is DL....
<glezos> marek: Maybe you could install the flpweb module (/cvs/l10n),
get it running, and report back. Then we could see if we could give
you access to app1 & 2 where DL runs.
<marek> looks so, because the statistics pages takes about 25 seconds to load
<marek> others are fine
<glezos> noriko: yes. DL's upstream has decided not to develop much
code, because they are merging their efforts in Transifex
<marek> which is good :)
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<glezos> so maybe folks wanting to help make things better could work
on improving Transifex's low-level bits (load-balance support for
<glezos> FWIW, I'm actively working on adding statistics support in
Tx. The plan is described here:
<glezos> So, the statistics for F10 were fixed (thanks Piotr for
keeping the conf up2date)
<glezos> already late, let's get moving
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-- F10 schedule: Freezes and deadlines
<glezos> we've covered this already, cool
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-- L10n tool updates (New modules, features, FUDCon Brno, [RHT/I18n
<glezos> New modules on Transifex since last meeting: Folks can scroll
back in the -trans-list archive for announcments on this. We encourage
developers to announce (and blog) when we add their module.
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<glezos> Most notable recent addition is PulseAudio.
<glezos> (yeehaa!)
<runa_b> :)
<glezos> It's pretty exciting seeing upstream projects trusting the
Fedora community as an entry point to their code.
<glezos> Good work guys. :)
<noriko> wow
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<Rasther> cool
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<glezos> RHT I18n office has sent an email to -infrastructure-list for
some plans they have for building a new tool around translations.
<glezos> You can see the discussion here:
<glezos> I'll let asgeirf_ communicate with -trans-list of any
possible benefits for the project from the tool.
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* poelcat just saw mention of schedule... and is behind on replying to email :(
<glezos> poelcat: no worries. I'll update the Schedule and let you
know of the new date.
<poelcat> glezos: oh, i was speaking to fixing up the taskjuggler schedule
<glezos> poelcat: OK. I can think of a small fix: The aggregated view
shows translation dates from both software and documentation, but IIRC
they have similar descriptions. We could add something like 'PO files
due **for Docs**' to distinguish them
<glezos> TODO: send poelcat updated versions of the schedule, and
specific requests for text changes in the schedule's items.
<glezos> TODO from before: let glezos know if there's anything I need
to start hacking on our Infrastructure (marek) :-)
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meeting -- Agenda: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda
-- Update on Fedora 10 Docs shipped in internally-supported languages
<glezos> I've asked ankit and manuel (L10n team leads in RH) for input
whether we could get relnotes into more languages from internal
translators in RH
<glezos> By announcing Fedora in more languages we can increase our
coverage, local media will pick up the news/write an article more
easily etc.
<glezos> Having Fedora announced in something like 30+ languages would
be fantastic.
<noriko> I will take a lead for languages on be half of Manuel, while
ankit is taking a lead for indic languages.
<glezos> noriko: awesome. Let us know of the progress!
<Rasther> glezos: apparently the pt_BR team will take some
contributions from there
<noriko> Rasther, glezos, yes. some of translators have started their
<glezos> Rasther: definitely. The Fedora language teams are of course
made of both internal and external translators. Working together gets
maximum benefits from both groups.
<noriko> there are some translators who are not familar with the
community work, so pls let me know if I can support.
<glezos> TODO: Lead the effort in doubling the number of languages
Fedora is announced in. Help people with anything they might need.
(noriko, glezos)
<Rasther> glezos, noriko: Glaucia Cintra sent a email asking some doc
modules to work on
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<glezos> I suspect that seeing this effort into completion is going to
be a big success, both for Fedora and Red Hat.
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<noriko> Rasther: noted, I will contact her today to help, thanks!
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<glezos> The most important bit here is probably to help internal
folks with what they might need to work with the existing Fedora
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<glezos> Let's make sure this synergy will happen, and it will be done
in the most efficient way.
<glezos> noriko: let me know if you need anything.
<Rasther> noriko: ok, thanks
<glezos> Opening up floor for general discussion.
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-- Open floor / AOB (any other business)
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<glezos> runa_b: fire aqway
<glezos> away.
* runa_b is taking over the the Translation beat for the FWN from
marek from this week.
<noriko> thank you so much runa_b !!
<glezos> oh yes. runa_b, that'd be great.
<runa_b> maybe i'll put togehter a L10n news page linked from the L10n
page..so that everyone can put in there news bits too
<glezos> runa_b, do you have any ideas on how we could collaboratively
chip in for that effort?
<glezos> oh, just answered it. :)
<runa_b> so that they can make sure somethign important is not missed :)
<runa_b> would a weekly reminder for news help?
<runa_b> on the mailing list...
<glezos> runa_b: So I guess your plan is collecting news bits
(bullets) during the week.. and anyone wanting to add a suggestion for
inclusion, could do it by putting a bullet there?
<runa_b> yup
<glezos> excellent.
<runa_b> especially maybe any changes to the l10n infrastructure
<glezos> runa_b: will do. The weekly reminder could help IMO.
Especially if it had reminders for some often-used categories of news
we could add (eg. New modules on Tx, Updates from local teams, etc)
<glezos> any other topic folks would like to discuss?
<runa_b> glezos: cool.. thats a nice thing
<Bouska1> yes, i have just a question
<glezos> Bouska1: we're all ears. :)
<Bouska1> just to know approximatly when Tx will be able to send mails
when a new translation is there, because we, french team, we are quite
depending on this because we use a ML for translating
<glezos> Bouska1: Good Q. This is a Tx related issue, so I think
opening a ticket on transifex.org could get someone to code this.
<glezos> Then, it's up to Fedora Infra to update our Tx installation
with the new release containing this feature.
<Bouska1> ok, i put this on my todo list
<Bouska1> an other question about Tx ...
<glezos> Bouska1: To give you an estimation, I think 2 months is a
good estimation.
<glezos> Bouska1: FWIW, we have a channel that a lot of transifex
hackers hang around -- #transifex
<glezos> If it's not a question for the Fedora L10n Steering
Committee, I think questions have a higher chance of getting a good
response/feedback there.
<glezos> But please, feel free to ask anything you need.
<Bouska1> glezos: ok, i will go there when i have time
* ankit got to go now... thx everyone!
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<glezos> Bouska1: ok, thanks.
<glezos> so, it's getting late.
<glezos> If there's nothing else, closing in 30
<glezos> </meeting>
<glezos> thanks everyone.
<Rasther> thanks... and good night
<runa_b> Thanks a lot everyone.. its good to meet up
<fabian_a> glezos: thanks
<Bouska1> good night all :-)

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