FLP Meeting 2008-09-16 Summary

Fabian Affolter fab at fedoraproject.org
Wed Sep 17 18:07:06 UTC 2008

== Summary ==
FLP move the translation freeze from 21/10 to 14/10.  Schedule:
TODO: Get a reply from RelEng, update Schedule, mail -trans-list and
-devel-list (glezos, noriko)

We need to make sure the packages which are shipped, Fedora is upstream
for, and FLP translate are re-packaged between the T Deadline and the
Development Freeze.
TODO: Ask on -trans-list and -infrastructure-list for people to hack a
script for checking re-packaging.

The documentation and communication with 'devel' have to increase.  More
emails to -devel-list and -devel-announce
TODO: Send an email to releng reminding them to have a section for L10n
in their mails to -devel-announce. Specifically, in the one announcing
that in X days the development freeze will happen.

The maintenance of our L10n infrastructure has issues. I'm doing my best
with my experience (developer, not administrator) and time to manage it
We've repeatedly asked for folks interested in it to help out with the
administration.  The call is still open.

The Fedora language teams are of course made of both internal and
external translators.  Working together gets maximum benefits from both
TODO: Lead the effort in doubling the number of languages Fedora is
announced in.  Help people with anything they might need. (noriko, glezos)

If I missed some point, feel free to add those.

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