Self-Introduction: Pavel Lobach

Pavel Lobach lobach_pavel at
Wed Apr 22 11:33:48 UTC 2009

Pavel Lobach
Saratov, Russia
FAS username: lobach, language to translate: russian
Software developer engineer
Bank Agroros

I am going to 100%-translate UI of the linux software that I use every day. I can spent few hours a week for
this work. I'm a software developer at my company. So I can help with UI design and testing. Also I can administrate Linux/FreeBSD/Cisco.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint
pub 1024D/C5E8253A 2009-04-22
Key fingerprint = 1976 B1ED C46D 8DB8 776F  C278 7AA5 FE75 C5E8 253A
uid Pavel Lobach <lobach_pavel at>

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