Fedora 11 Preview Release Notes

John J. McDonough wb8rcr at arrl.net
Fri Apr 24 22:02:06 UTC 2009

In order to provide more complete release notes for the Preview 
Announcement, I have placed the Release Notes for those languages for which 
we have translations so far at http://jjmcd.fedorapeople.org/release-notes/. 
These might give you a chance to look over the completed product and see if 
you need some touch-ups before final release.

For some languages, I have traded out the "Draft" watermark for a "Preview 
Release" watermark.  However, that watermark was made with a Babel Fish 
translation, so there are good odds that it is wrong.  Let me know if you 
would like to see something else there.  We have some time between preview 
and GA this time, so those will sit there for a month.


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