Possible problem with policycoreutils-gui translation packaging

Runa Bhattacharjee runab at redhat.com
Fri Aug 7 04:19:01 UTC 2009

Igor Pires Soares wrote:
> This has been a recurrent issue with policycoreutils. I noticed the same
> happens with .desktop strings in pt_BR translations. Interestingly, I
> don't see problems with the strings shown in your screenshot. I'm able
> to see those ones in pt_BR, but not the menu string "SELinux
> Management", for instance.

Hmm. My guess is that the translations were packaged at a certain date/time and 
only a few early bird translations made it to the build. Perhaps we can make 
some noise and get this fixed for F-12.

Pablo Martin-Gomez wrote:

 > After parsing the src.rpm, I think I found the origin of the bug: the
 > .pot available in Transifex is the official .pot plus a patch
 > from RedHat, and yet, all the untranslated strings like "Network Port",
 > "Process Domain" came from this patch. So I suppose that the patch is
 > buggy or "patch" (the programm) can't manage some locales.

So it certainly looks more like a problem with both 'packaging' and the 
existence of entries which were probably not 'marked for translation'. What I am 
thinking is that filing a bug against F-11 may not help here because in all 
probability it would be marked for fixing in 'rawhide' and it would mean that we 
have to wait for the versions for F-12 to roll out. :(

Any other thoughts here?


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