Potentially ambiguous entries in docbook-locales

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at redhat.com
Wed Aug 12 22:15:45 UTC 2009

On 08/11/2009 09:13 PM, Runa Bhattacharjee wrote:
> I have currently translated this (and the lowercase version of the 
> same string) as "an index of sets" where "set" refers to "groups" (as 
> per the translation note in string number 94). Is this context correct?

Specifically, an index to a whole set of books, like Paul said.

> String:
> msgid "by"
> Reference:
> #. Tag: para
> #. LOCALIZATION NOTE: attribution of authorship: 'Romeo and Juliet' by 
> William Shakespeare
> #: locale.xml:128
> #, no-c-format
> This is the tricky one. From the translators note it seems that the 
> translated version of "by" would be used in a format like 
> '<name-of-book> by <name-of-writer>'. Now this would have been quite 
> easy to write if the construction of the sentence in my language 
> follows the same structure as in English. Unfortunately, this is not 
> the case and a literal representation of the '<name-of-book> by 
> <name-of-writer>' structure would be extremely incorrect syntactically.
> We would probably follow a structure like: <name-of-book> 
> <name-of-writer> <translation for 'written by'> (a simple 'by' would 
> not be a perfect fit)
> I am curious to know how the other languages with a similar problem 
> have handled this.
> Btw, in case this needs to be put in a bug, I would be happy to do so.

I'll ask about this with the docbook developers and get back to you.


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