Russian community coordination (Intro)

Yulia Poyarkova yulia.poyarkova at
Thu Aug 20 02:20:02 UTC 2009

Hi all,

As most of Russian translators would already know, current coordinator, 
Andrew Martynov, has been pretty busy lately and after discussing it 
with the community, we decided I would take over (that means more 
questions for you Noriko-san :D)

Some of you might already know me, as I've been translating for Fedora 
for quite some time now.
I am qualified in translation and I have been working with Linux since I 
joined Red Hat few years ago.

I would like to thank Andrew for his continuous effort in supporting 
Russian Fedora community and I am really glad he is staying with us as a 

Yulia Poyarkova
yules (#fedora-l10n)

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