String changes for desktop-effects

Owen Taylor otaylor at
Mon Aug 24 21:29:36 UTC 2009

I've been recently working on making GNOME Shell
(  available as an optional component
for F12 so people can try it and see what's coming in GNOME 3.

Part of this is having a way to switch your GNOME desktop to use GNOME
Shell. I did this by adapting the desktop-effects tool that was
previously part of the compiz-gnome package:

(desktop-effects is "upstream Fedora" and hosted on

It was pointed out to me, however, that we're a few weeks past the
string freeze.

Changing the desktop-effects user interface does involve some new
strings, and these strings will be seen even if you are just using the
existing functionality of switching between Metacity and Compiz.
I've extracted the new strings and listed them below. There are no
changes to existing strings.

I think it is pretty neat to have GNOME Shell available to be installed
on F12. I think it's much nicer to have a single user interface for this
rather than:

 - The old desktop effects user interface
 - A "switch to GNOME Shell" user interface

That interact in complex ways that are hard to debug. So, hopefully this
can be green-lighted from the translation side :-)

- Owen

New strings
msgid "Could not restore old settings. Giving up."
msgid "Could not restore old settings. Switching to standard GNOME Desktop."
msgid "Failed to start Metacity. Reverting to previous settings."
msgid "Failed to start Compiz. Reverting to previous settings."
msgid "Failed to start GNOME Shell. Reverting to previous settings."
#. compiz-gnome and gnome-shell are package names and should not be translated
msgid ""
"Only the standard GNOME desktop is available. Please install compiz-gnome or "
msgid "<i>3D-accelerated visually-appealing desktop</i>"
msgid "<i>Preview of GNOME 3.0 user interface</i>"
msgid "<i>Simple graphics, suitable for low-end machines</i>"
msgid "_Compiz"
msgid "_GNOME Shell"
msgid "_Standard"

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