Hello everyone

stephane1912 at gmail.com stephane1912 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 14:05:48 UTC 2009

I'm 47 years old, autodidact on computer.I started Linux with Ubuntu
Breezy Badger and leave this one with Karmic Koala to come on Fedora.

I use Fedora 11 on a laptop (samsung R610 - Nvidia 9200M GS), I make
graphics as an amateur (i have a webpage on deviantart) and i practiced
Irc during 10 years, the last one like Ircop.

I'm divorced (2 boys - 20 years old and 18 for the second), and i've
been translator/relector for the french issue of the full circle magazine. 

I live in the south west in France.
The town: istres (near Marseille - 35/40 minutes by road)

If you want more informations:

My nick in the french fedora forum: Phantom

My nick in the FedoraForum: PhantomLord

Jabber: phantomlord at jabber.org
Msn: kundun12 at hotmail.com

Phone: +33678559068

Mail: stephane1912 at gmail.com / phantom12 at free.fr

I want to be invested in Fedora, so i decide to subscribe to make
translations for Fedora. So i hope i can help in translation of Fedora :-)

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uid                  stephane lacassagne (Phantom) <stephane1912 at gmail.com>
sub   2048g/92647474 2009-12-16

Thanks to accept me here, i'll probably have some questions in the future.
I hope i don't forget anything.
See ya :-)

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