Fedora-trans-list Digest, Vol 70, Issue 16

Caius 'kaio' Chance k at kaio.me
Thu Dec 17 00:25:51 UTC 2009

(2009年12月17日 09:08), Noriko Mizumoto wrote:
> Muhammad AlFakhori さんは書きました:
>> Dear Noriko
>> Thanks for helping me .
>> > Have you posted your self-intro [1]?
>> Are you mean send  message to Introducing meself the 
>> fedora-trans-list like structure previous? oh I did not it. Should i 
>> send it now? .And also when I want to edit my user page ,asks me to 
>> download a file titled index.php I think it must edit and re-uploaded 
>> to the site ,but where do I re-uploaded it ? .
> Hi Muhammad
> I am sorry but, have no idea. Usually what I do is, login and just 
> click edit. Then the wiki page becomes editable. Once finish edit, 
> click save page.

Hi Muhammad,

Which version of OS and browser are you using? Please refer to step 4 of 
this page:


After you finished that, put the URL to this mailing list. ;)

Cheers, kaio

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