Problem with smolt.master-smoon.messages.po (F12)

Sam Friedmann sfriedma at
Fri Dec 18 06:33:11 UTC 2009

Domingo Becker a écrit :
> 2009/12/17 Pablo Martin-Gomez <pablo.martin-gomez at>:
>> Le Thu, 17 Dec 2009 09:41:19 -0300,
>> If you open a po file in text editor with syntax highlighting , you can
>> see that "% ho" is considered as a macro and that is the issue. You
>> change the space for a unbreakable one in the .pot and it will work :)
> That's not the issue.
> Read my message carefully.
> Domingo Becker
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Thanks for all these informations.
I have tried to insert a nonbreakable space but I can't seem to find how 
to insert it in a *.pot file (does anyone know?)
In the meanwhile, my next best option is to pretend there has been a 
typo and to remove the accent on the "o", that is no good, but it still 
is the next best thing.
But yeah, do let me know if there is any other workaround or if there 
may be a proper solution.
Many thanks again!


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