Invalid translation commits made by transifex user for Marathi[mr] language resource

sandeep shedmake sandeep.shedmake at
Fri Dec 18 10:38:38 UTC 2009


My FAS username is "sandeeps".

I am the upstream author for sending translations for Marathi

Currently, I am working on localizing "Docs :: Installation Guide » Fedora

I have noticed invalid translation commits made by transifex user(s):;a=commit;h=31b324b5a45adfe61d5a03c6cf42f71858c69172;a=commit;h=24007683381ddad360f44d74b5842078da97d194

My query:
Can any FAS user commit to anybody's LANG resource under */po/ directory ?

Looking forward...

Sandeep Shedmake
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