Schedule Review Meeting :: Tuesday 2009-12-22 @ 8 PM EST / (2009-12-23 @ 1:00 UTC)

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Mon Dec 21 23:18:28 UTC 2009

Eric "Sparks" Christensen さんは書きました:
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> On 12/17/2009 11:12 PM, John Poelstra wrote:
>> Thanks for the feedback everyone gave.  It appears that next Tuesday @
>> 20:00 EST will be the best date and time.
>> We will be working in real time using Fedora Talk: Extension 2009 and gobby
>> Look forward to talking to everyone then.
>> John
> I never got the other meeting squared away that would answer a lot of
> questions that need to be answered before this meeting.  Hopefully we'll
> have participation from everyone that was needed for the previous
> meeting so we can discuss those items as well.
> Things that need to be discussed:
> - - What is the impact to the translators if we start pushing pot files
> now and update them on a nightly/weekly basis?  (It seems to me that
> this would mean that the translators would get smaller bits to translate
> over a longer period of time making the overall process a little easier
> to swallow.)

+1, (unless great amount of the content is eventually removed), this 
especially would help smaller teams.

> - - When is Transifex 0.7 hitting the streets?  (This is really going to
> be a large blocker for F13 documents.  The current Transifex just isn't
> working for us (docs) or the translators.)

Afaik, we are here;

It seems stopoing as at 12-Dec again...hum...

> - - Can we get the translators involved with publishing the translated
> documents?

Sure, what can we do?

> Those three questions above need to be answered.  The answers will
> likely change the schedule.

Okay, let's discuss further!


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