Documentation & Translation schedule review

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Mon Dec 21 23:53:19 UTC 2009

> I have already put it on gobby.  Feel free to start editing gobby now.

The password I used for F12 is not working anymore...
Could you please guide me how to obtain one?


> Note, the names of some of the releng milestones (Beta Freeze and Final 
> Freeze) changed to match: 
> What can really help make tomorrow's meeting tremendously faster is to 
> populate the drafted version on gobby in advance with what you think the 
> dates should be to address the concerns you raised at: 
> Then we we can spend most of our time critiquing the draft instead of 
> going line by line which will take a lot more time.
> If you'd like to call out task dependencies, maybe add that as part of 
> the task name in ( ).
> I spent some more time today trying to understand the issues you are 
> raising in the email and 
> but it is not 
> completely clear to me if these are the real dates you want to use or if 
> this was just a "brainstorm."
> Thanks,
> John

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