Documentation & Translation schedule review

John J. McDonough wb8rcr at
Tue Dec 22 21:54:21 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-22 at 10:15 -0800, John Poelstra wrote:

> What do you mean by "fixing the dependencies?"

"Build fed-rel-notes.rpm for Beta Release" (25) needs to have as a
successor, "Compose Beta Candidate"

Similarly, "Build fedora-release-notes.rpm" (50) needs to be a
predecessor for "Create RC Test Compose (TC)"

> I understood from the beginning that the dates were wrong, but I was 
> looking to you to supply the correct dates.

Absolute dates are meaningless.  What is important is that the RPM get
built BEFORE releng does the compose

> It would help me a lot if you could be extremely specific with what you 
> are needing or expecting from me.  Something like, "John, please take 
> the dates for the release notes from the bottom of the html page I 
> created and replace tasks #__ to #__ on the schedule you created with 
> them.  Have the releases notes start/depend on task #___ from release 
> engineering."

Make the RC test compose a successor to task 50, and the beta compose a
successor to task 50

> I'd like to understand this better. What do you mean by "the 
> dependencies?"  What problem are you trying to solve by seeing these 
> dependencies?

The problem is that the Fedora 12 schedule had Docs building the RPMs
AFTER releng needed them.  I just want us to have an RPM in hand at the
right time.

> To me the dependencies are inherent in the dates you propose.... one 
> task follows another and can't start unless the previous task was 
> completed. As set forth each task with its start and end date, I'm 
> assuming this is being taken into account.

The dates ARE A RESULT OF the dependencies.

> All this focus on the "dependencies" is new to me.  We've done several 
> previous detailed reviews of the docs schedule and you are the first to 
> raise this as such an important issue.  I want to help, but I'm failing 
> to see how to provide you this information or what problem you're trying 
> to solve.

It can't be that new to you -- there are a bazillion of them in
your .tjp file.

> I haven't found an easy way to review and create schedules virtually. In 
> person we could have probably finished all of this in an hour. It is 
> tedious and really not that fun of task.  Sometimes I have to print a 
> schedule off, turn off my computer screen to fully concentrate and walk 
> it through with a calendar nearby.

Hey, there's no easy way to review and create schedules virtually or

> What format would be more helpful for you?

I was hoping that I could take your TaskJuggler file and maybe put it in
that language, but alas, it is just too opaque for me.

> Yes, I'm waiting for you to insert whatever you want the dates to be.

> Please insert/change whatever you think the dates should be.

Dates, dates, dates.  I don't care what the date is, only that it is the
right date relative to releng.

> Thanks for being patient with me.  I really do want to find a better way 
> to do this :)

Well, we have sixty three things going on at once, and I know that
sometimes I'm not the easiest person in the world to understand, so I
certainly appreciate your patience.

I hate to massively hack up your schedule, although I don't think it
actually is a huge hack; just a couple of dependencies and assuming the
other dependencies are in place (and they seem to be although I didn't
go through the tjp line by line), it should be simply adding a couple of
dependencies and let the software do its thing.


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