L10N Infrastructure Roadmap (was Re: FLP Meeting 2009-01-28 IRC Log)

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at redhat.com
Tue Feb 3 23:28:26 UTC 2009

> Since the first recorded Transifex-commit in Nov 2007 until Dec 2008, 176 out of ~450 unique FAS users (in the cvsl10n group) committed translations through the system, a few commits away from a total of 5000 commits to 86 modules. Transifex remained fairly stable for F10 Translations, but Damned Lies was (as usual) acting up on a regular basis. Documentation-statistics for Publican didn't work for F10, as Damned Lies has issues with having a PO file for each XML file withing a project.
> The new Django-based Damned Lies and Transifex looks promising, and will hopefully solve many of the issues we experienced through the F9+F10 cycle.
> However, at this stage I want to take a step back from the technical reality of our existing L10N workflow and systems, and look at where we want to go with Fedora L10N onwards. 


I am not going to disturb the discussion, but I'd like to recap the 
schedule for F11. It is 10th March, Software String Freeze is.
Untill we reach new Transifex and/or any other tools, systems 
well-tested and accepted, current Tx (submit) + DL (stats & download) 
are running.

We have experienced problems with DL for F10, and it needs the 
maintainer who can be responsible *till new things coming and taking 
over completely.
Then DL can be safely and happily retired.

Maintaining DL is imperative for translators.



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