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Self Introduction: Daniele Catanesi

Full legal name: Daniele Catanesi
City: Rome
Country: Italy
FAS username: ccielogs
Language to translate: Italian
Profession: Network Engineer/Trainer
I and the Fedora Project: I'm mainly into networking but I've been using Linux and Red Hat distribution since 1999 for all my needs, from hosting my blog to my syslog servers so I thought participating in the project would be a great way to pay back the community for all the help I received in the past and for the wonderful OS Fedora is Other Projects: I'm used to write/translate professional documentation so that would be interesting as well Level and type of computer skills: Systems and network management professional level skills, Linux good skills in system administration and troubleshooting

GPG Key fingerprint = 243A C11C 59E3 C071 BD4E  3681 5A7E 1962 F724 1304

Kind regards,


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