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Hello, my name is Jorge Izaac Zavaleta Escalante I'm from Los Mochis
Sinaloa, México where the timezone is GMT-6 and my FAS username is izaac.

I introduce myself to let you know my intentions to join the cvsl10n
group to help translate Fedora Project documentation to my native
language which is Spanish.

I'm a Systems Engineer from the Hermosillo Institute of Technology and i
got 8+ years of experience in management of Unix based systems like
Linux and HP-UX. And I got some skills in the Python programming language.

My work experience includes network administration, datacenter
technician, and web applications development (back-end area) on some
government institutions of my country.

And in 2005 I used to translate the Gentoo Weekly News for almost a
year. Right now I'm in the Ambassadors Group in the Fedora Project for
my local area participating in some local user groups events. But I
realize that I can help the project in a more direct way joining the
translation team.

About the translation project, what really got my attention is the
collaborative software called Transifex, which I think is a really great
tool and loved to read is built on Django.

Greetings and thank you all for your time.

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