Self-introduction: Mario Jalšovec

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Thu Jan 8 01:46:10 UTC 2009

Mario Jalsovec さんは書きました:
  > I'm approved for cvsl10n, and already enjoyed translating to croatian
> language.
> How can I find other people who translate to croatian since there is no
> registered team and coordinator?
> What to take as a priority for translation?
Indeed it is bit hard to find others when team is not formed.
I can see "Last-Translator: Renato Pavicic" in the header of some files.

It is best to have the coordinator of 'Croatian' language, so that 
people can reach the group easily. 'How to become coordinator' can be 
found at [1].

A priority is really up to you and the team to be formed.



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