local translation of the term 'untrusted'

Richard van der Luit zuma at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 17 19:24:36 UTC 2009

Op vrijdag 16-01-2009 om 16:07 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Wes
> I don't know Dutch, so this is just an idea. Does it sound strange to
> break it up into two words and call it potentially harmful or
> dangerous? From the online dictionaries it sounds like that translates

> to: mogelijk gevaarlijk/schadelijk.
That means 'potential dangerous/damaging' in dutch; herein lies my
problem...it isn't potential dangerous/damaging in itself, it is just
unknown whether it is or not. It could be, could be not ('potential
dangerous/damaging' at least suggest we have suspicions it can be, which
is not so per se). It is so illusive it makes the Scarlet Pimpernel easy
to catch!  

> Wes
> Also, some languages have their own email lists, but this is kind of a
> general question, as it probably applies to a lot of languages.
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