Committing to transsifex

Xavier Conde Rueda xavi.conde at
Fri Jan 30 17:07:27 UTC 2009


2009/1/30 Richard van der Luit <zuma at>:
> Hi all,
> I submitted several nl.po files at transifex this week, incuding
> ' website' and ' website' and
> I did that resp 27/01, 27/01 and 29/01. Now
> 30/01 17:37 UTC+2
> It is still not processed in the statistics of transifex (old po files
> are showing, or no po-file whatsoever for the new translations) although
> transifex gives a message that *** "The file you submitted is identical
> to the target on our server (empty diffset). Try refreshing the module's
> cache and retry submitting" *** if you try to submit again, so the
> submitting was a success before.
> Also on the dutch "get-the-po-file-of-the
> module-you-want-to-translate-page" (any technical term for that page?)
> the modules were reported as stil not or still only partial translated
> (although they are 100% translatedand submitted).
> What am i missing here?
> regards
> Richard (nippur)
> in *panic* but only a bit :P
> aaaaaaaaaaaargh

nothing. That's transifex sucking, and it won't get any better any
soon. You can create some tickets to express your dissapointment, as I
do from time to time.

"We the willing, following the unknowing are
doing the impossible. We have done so much
for so long with so little we are now able to do
anything with nothing."

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