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Self introduction: Christophe Alladoum

Hey everyone !

I'm Christophe Alladoum (aka hugsy on irc channels and forums), french IT security consultant in a company named HSC. I'm a big fan of open source, and a red hat/fedora user since red hat 8. I try to get involved as much as I can, that why I'm joining the L10N group, and I hope to be useful :-) Through my education, I've learned plenty of programmation languages, but today, my favourites are C, Python and Perl.

I live actually in Paris, but I like to travel a lot.

I'm interested in many different topics around computer science, network, security, open source and so on.
You can contact me with the following
tuxxychris _at_gmail _dot_ com
gpg key id : 0xB19892B7
gpg key fingerprint :  F408 4E8F B977 25A4 E2DB  EDB4 8325 D969 B198 92B7

my gpg key is downloadable from most well-known public key servers.

Chris A (aka Hugsy)
GPG Id: 0xB19892B7

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