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Branching - Fedora packages!


Do we have any branching mechanism (under VCS repositories, say git, hg, svn) in process for all Fedora software packages maintained on Fedorahosted servers?

The above question is because, I faced following issue.

I am using Fedora 9 system on my personal machine and do not want to upgrade to Fedora 10 or rawhide. Recently, I found some translation mistakes for some Fedora packages, and want to update the translation for those packages packages for Fedora 9 and make it upstream. But, there is no way at the moment to download and submit Fedora 9 translations for most of the packages/modules listed here: https://translate.fedoraproject.org/submit/module/

If you visit above link, you will find very few packages has got Fedora 9 branches in their VCS repos. Packages properly branched are: Anaconda, initscripts, pykickstart, system-config-kickstart. So, thanks to the package maintainers of these packages. Though, the branch naming is inconsistent across these packages. But, what about other packages? None of the other packages are branched/tagged with "f9-branch" or "Branch-F9". All of them are continuously getting updated under master or tip or Head or trunk branch. No real branching is happening there.

So, how can I submit translations for these other packages for Fedora 9?

I would appreciate if someone can answer my query!


Ankit Patel

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