Self Introduction: Wang Zeguo

Zak Wang at
Fri Jan 16 04:07:35 UTC 2009

Hello everybody, I'm Wang Zeguo from Hunan, China. I name myself Zak on
the Internet. So be free to use that name if you think it's more
convenient for you.

I'm currently a senior university student major in English(E-Commerce)
and have been interested in Fedora and open-source since my junior year.
Having received that much help from those warm guys in the official
forum, I wish so much to contribute to the others.

Being a student in linguistics though, I am not a plain linguistic
person. Besides my curriculum, I read about computer software and have
put some practice into it. So I have a rough idea about how software and
systems run.

Fedora 9 is the system I'm running on my laptop, and I'm still trying
out different distros both on my spared partition and on VirtualBox. But
there is only these installing and reinstalling things going around,
resulting nothing helpful really. Yet I still find Fedora 9 to be the
most comfortable one for me. I feel happy in this system and this

I want to take this chance to deliver some real help to the Fedora
community or as a part of it and would like to make a lot of friends out
of here.

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