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Re: Alpha Release Readiness

Paul Frields さんは書きました:
On 1/22/09, Dimitris Glezos <dimitris glezos com> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 10:12 PM, John Poelstra <poelstra redhat com> wrote:
With the Alpha Release for Fedora 11 scheduled for Tuesday, February 3,
2009, this means it is time to meet again with representatives from each
the teams to have our release readiness meeting.  We usually have this
meeting at 18:00 UTC (13:00 EST) the Wednesday before, which means next
Wednesday, January 28, 2009, is the day.
Unfortunately on that day I won't be available. Usually in the Alpha
meeting, with no L10n-specific deadlines in the horizon, the FLP
representative just makes sure we receive any feedback from other
teams and/or answer a question someone might have on L10n.

John and I will be happy to relay any l10n specific questions that
come out of the meeting, of course.

Hi I am responding very late as having a week long away.
And I know that our Dimitris can finally manage his time for L10N, however if it is not too late and acceptable, I am happy to attend too (prob mostly observing as first time).



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