FLP Meeting 2009-01-28 IRC Log

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at redhat.com
Wed Jan 28 01:33:38 UTC 2009

 1月 28 04:09:53 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Init
 1月 28 04:09:56 <glezos>	Hi all
 1月 28 04:09:58 <glezos>	who's here?
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 1月 28 04:11:32 <glezos>	noriko, ankit: ping
 1月 28 04:11:34 *	ankit in
 1月 28 04:11:41 <ankit>	glezos: pong
 1月 28 04:11:45 <noriko>	hi glezos
 1月 28 04:12:25 <glezos>	ankit: it's quite late there, right? We should
be quick I guess.
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 1月 28 04:12:45 <ankit>	glezos: no issues, i m fine :)
 1月 28 04:13:07 <glezos>	So, it's been a while since the last meeting
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 1月 28 04:13:42 <Bouska>	PabloMartinGomez
 1月 28 04:13:57 <glezos>	We released Fedora 10 which seems like a
pretty good release
 1月 28 04:13:58 <noriko>	Noriko Mizumoto (ja)
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 1月 28 04:14:57 <glezos>	most issues are being discussed on the mailing
 1月 28 04:15:11 <noriko>	congrats to all for F10
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#fedora-meeting ("Ex-Chat")
 1月 28 04:15:57 <ankit>	yay, congrats glezos & noriko & all FLSCo
members too, for providing us great help during the F10 release
 1月 28 04:16:21 <glezos>	ankit: noriko did most of the great work. :)
 1月 28 04:17:32 <glezos>	Going with the agenda for the meeting
 1月 28 04:17:35 <glezos>	Current bugs and challenges with
Infrastructure (stats & Tx)
 1月 28 04:18:01 <ankit>	what are those bugz & challenges ? listed
anywhere on the wiki page?
 1月 28 04:18:22 <glezos>	ankit: there is a separate Bugzilla component
for Transifex
 1月 28 04:19:06 <glezos>	Piotr has been doing a great job keeping the
stats updated
 1月 28 04:19:11 <ankit>	glezos: ah okay, so all are challenges are
filed as bugs too
 1月 28 04:19:27 <glezos>	ankit: They should -- if not we wouldn't know them
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 1月 28 04:20:03 <ankit>	k
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 1月 28 04:21:54 <glezos>	One of the issues we're having is that we're
running an older version of DL
 1月 28 04:22:27 <glezos>	this limits us to file-based updates of the
config files which is time-consuming
 1月 28 04:23:00 <glezos>	thanks to Piotr's excellent work, DL isn't way
back in settings.
 1月 28 04:23:02 ---	sspreitzer[AWAY] は sspreitzer にニックを変更しました
 1月 28 04:23:22 <glezos>	Tx had some issues lately which Infra helped
fix quickly, once they were reported
 1月 28 04:23:55 <glezos>	I've been having less free time lately to
devote on Fedora L10n admin and this won't likely change in the next months.
 1月 28 04:24:03 <noriko>	great work Piotr
 1月 28 04:24:30 <igorps>	Hi all! I'm also here today. One thing I want
to point out is that the F11 branch of s-c-printer is not in Tx
 1月 28 04:24:55 <glezos>	igorps: which branch is that?
 1月 28 04:25:08 <igorps>	1.1.x I guess
 1月 28 04:25:25 <igorps>	it is already in DL, but not in Tx
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 1月 28 04:26:59 <glezos>	igorps: just added it, thanks
 1月 28 04:27:19 <igorps>	glezos: thank you
 1月 28 04:27:24 <glezos>	At some point we'll need to update our DL
version to the newer, Django one used by GNOME.
 1月 28 04:27:48 <glezos>	This might need some work for setting up and
for authentication. We'll need to ping Infra to help us out with that
 1月 28 04:27:59 <igorps>	This one will have Vertimus integrated?
 1月 28 04:28:02 <glezos>	abadger1999: Is this something you might be
interested in experimenting with?
 1月 28 04:28:03 <glezos>	igorps: yes.
 1月 28 04:28:13 <igorps>	glezos: nice
 1月 28 04:29:01 <abadger1999>	glezos: Maybe but my plate is very full
at the moment.
 1月 28 04:29:49 <glezos>	abadger1999: ok. If someone from L10n steps up
with some free time, could we provide him with access on a publictest
server for testing?
 1月 28 04:29:54 <abadger1999>	If there's someone else that wants to
take on the primary role of doing the work I'm happy to guide them, though.
 1月 28 04:30:09 <glezos>	abadger1999: awesome, just what I wanted to
hear. ;)
 1月 28 04:30:09 <abadger1999>	It grows the number of people who are
familiar with the code, which is a long term benefit.
 1月 28 04:30:24 -->	iarlyy (n=iarlyy at mail.libertynet.com.br) has joined
 1月 28 04:30:31 *	glezos will send an email to -trans-list and infra.
 1月 28 04:31:01 <glezos>	Is there anything else we need to discuss here
on our Infrastructure?
 1月 28 04:31:18 <glezos>	igorps: if there's any older branch of
-printer we need to remove from Tx, let me know.
 1月 28 04:31:35 <ankit>	glezos: the things i listed here might be
relavent to infrastructure i think
 1月 28 04:31:36 <ankit>
 1月 28 04:32:11 <ankit>	i just linked the page from #agenda
 1月 28 04:32:41 <igorps>	glezos: ok, but I think the s-c-printer
maintainer should be contacted first
 1月 28 04:32:56 <glezos>	igorps: right.
 1月 28 04:33:04 <igorps>	I guess the 0.7.32.x branch is not in use anymore
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 1月 28 04:33:21 <igorps>	since its was for F8
 1月 28 04:33:46 <glezos>	ankit: Good list. Maybe this is something that
we might want to discuss on the list instead of here?
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 1月 28 04:34:06 <glezos>	ankit: Many of the points are valid, but we'll
need some coders to write tools to fix them
 1月 28 04:34:29 <ankit>	glezos: ah, so it's fixable?
 1月 28 04:34:41 <glezos>	ankit: everything is fixable. :D
 1月 28 04:35:03 <ankit>	ah cool
 1月 28 04:35:22 <glezos>	For the first point, I was thinking that a
web-based tool or a simple CLI will help. Because of big changes in Tx
and DL, we haven't dared go on with a CLI yet.
 1月 28 04:35:22 <ankit>	glezos: so, what would you suggest to get them
all fixed?
 1月 28 04:35:34 <glezos>	I hope we will have one at some point, though.
 1月 28 04:36:18 <glezos>	About RHEL: We need to know which branches go
in RHEL so that we update DL and Tx. Once we know them (eg. through a
wiki page) we can add these branches in our tools.
 1月 28 04:37:00 <ankit>	rhel5-branch has been created so far, there
hasn't been any RHEL branch for any of the earlier RHEL releases
 1月 28 04:37:03 <glezos>	I'd urge folks to inform us with such a list
at some point and, even better, step up and add these branches in the DL
config file. I'm not sure if asgeirf has some free time to do this.\
 1月 28 04:37:34 <glezos>	The DL issues are known but right now we can't
do anything about it. We can start experimenting with the newer version,
as we talked earlier.
 1月 28 04:37:39 <ankit>	will check with asgeirf tomorrow on this...
 1月 28 04:37:45 <glezos>	(action needs owner)
 1月 28 04:37:51 <mether>	ankit: not time to sleep yet?
 1月 28 04:38:22 <glezos>	About Publican: It'd be *great* to have
support for Publican statistics. Transifex does support submitting to
Publican, but DL doesn't support statistics calculation.
 1月 28 04:38:24 <ankit>	mether: yes it's but needs some fixes
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kann er dich auch nicht essen.")
 1月 28 04:38:53 <glezos>	Concerning integration of the tools: This is a
work in progress. :)
 1月 28 04:39:33 <noriko>	so Django support publican?
 1月 28 04:40:09 <glezos>	noriko: The Transifex version we're currently
running in Fedora _does_ support submitting to Publican projects.
 1月 28 04:40:14 <glezos>	for statistics, we need a patch.
 1月 28 04:40:16 <ankit>	glezos: so are we going to implement new
version of DL on fedoraproject?
 1月 28 04:40:28 <noriko>	ah...
 1月 28 04:40:39 <glezos>	ankit: yes, because the one we're running is
not current. Upstream has moved forward.
 1月 28 04:40:53 <ankit>	oh okay, and new one is better?
 1月 28 04:40:58 <glezos>	noriko: the new DL version doesn't support
Publican either. We need a patch.
 1月 28 04:41:21 <glezos>	ankit: much better. It's written in Django and
the plan is to merge this version with Transifex itself into one
application in the future.
 1月 28 04:41:52 <noriko>	glezos: k. it means need a resource.
 1月 28 04:41:59 <ankit>	ah that's cool, because two different apps
bother translators much, since they have to move here and there for
download and upload
 1月 28 04:42:07 <glezos>	noriko: yeah, all these ideas need resources.
 1月 28 04:42:14 <ankit>	if they have a single page from where they can
download & upload it becomes very easy for them
 1月 28 04:42:58 <noriko>	any group formed for Django?
 1月 28 04:43:04 <glezos>	Some of these issues are on the Transifex
team's roadmap, but currently our resources are allocated in other areas
(specifically, launching transifex.net)
 1月 28 04:43:30 <--	chacha_chaudhry has quit ("Ex-Chat")
 1月 28 04:43:33 <noriko>	ok, so it is part of Transifex team, good.
 1月 28 04:44:12 <glezos>	noriko: Some of these ideas are pretty good,
but they'll need quite some resource allocation to be achieved (eg.
translation re-use).
 1月 28 04:44:47 -->	EvilBob (n=EvilBob at fedora/bobjensen) has joined
 1月 28 04:45:07 <ankit>	glezos: i have been using Pootle for submitting
my Openoffice.org translation, it does have some of these ideas
implemented i put altogether ,,, but the only problem i faced is speed there
 1月 28 04:45:35 <glezos>	ankit: also it doens't do 'upstream' etc.
 1月 28 04:45:50 <glezos>	These large projects are good candidates for a
Google Summer of Code.
 1月 28 04:45:55 <ankit>	ah yes, that's also true
 1月 28 04:46:25 <glezos>	Maybe they might be also good candidates for
projects being sponsored/backed-up by RH.
 1月 28 04:46:34 <glezos>	Publican support is one of these, I guess.
 1月 28 04:46:57 <noriko>	exactly
 1月 28 04:47:08 <ankit>	so, implementing all these features in Tx + DL
combination would make number of projects?
 1月 28 04:47:36 <glezos>	ankit: sorry?
 1月 28 04:49:05 <glezos>	noriko: From what I understand these are
features which will save a lot of time to internal developers, so you
might want to poke for some more resource allocation. :)
 1月 28 04:49:37 -->	QuickStart
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 1月 28 04:50:07 <noriko>	glezos: is any place I can see the progress
and to do list?
 1月 28 04:50:49 <glezos>	ankit: the idea would be to implement these in
Transifex 0.5 which is scheduled to be released in a few months.
 1月 28 04:51:06 -->	chacha_chaudhry
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 1月 28 04:51:10 <glezos>	noriko: good question.
 1月 28 04:51:35 <ankit>	glezos: ah cool
 1月 28 04:51:49 <--	iarlyy has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed
 1月 28 04:51:58 <glezos>	noriko: this is a quite outdated document:
 1月 28 04:52:22 <glezos>	Quite a few of these have been implemented
already in the upcoming release, but we're still missing some important
features for Fedora.
 1月 28 04:53:10 <glezos>	One good bit of news is that Diego is thinking
of coming again to Greece for a 3-month hacking marathon
 1月 28 04:53:34 <glezos>	So I'm hoping we'll push hard to get some of
these done in the next months
 1月 28 04:54:33 <glezos>	moving on?
 1月 28 04:55:00 *	glezos needs to be at the Board meeting in 7 minutes :)
 1月 28 04:55:16 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Branching for Packages
 1月 28 04:55:31 <glezos>	This is an issue we discussed on the mailing
list the past week
 1月 28 04:55:40 <glezos>	We added it to the agenda in case there are
questions we can answer live
 1月 28 04:57:21 ---	stickster_afk は stickster にニックを変更しました
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 1月 28 04:58:39 <glezos>	okey
 1月 28 04:58:50 <glezos>	no questions I guess. Our mailing list rocks then.
 1月 28 04:58:50 -->	John5342 (n=john5342 at fedora/John5342) has joined
 1月 28 04:59:46 <igorps>	I'm mailing Tim through the mailing list to
know which s-c-printer could be removed from Tx and DL
 1月 28 04:59:57 <ankit>	glezos: so, do we need anymore discussion on
the points i listed down on the mailing list now?
 1月 28 04:59:59 <glezos>	igorps: thanks
 1月 28 05:01:27 <glezos>	ankit: not sure -- it might help to find folks
to step up and contribute
 1月 28 05:01:57 <ankit>	alright, then i will put a follow-up e-mail
after the meeting minutes, so contributors can get the opportunity
 1月 28 05:02:00 <ankit>	thx
 1月 28 05:02:13 <fcami>	tk009: I tend to lag a bit, sorry. :)
 1月 28 05:02:15 <glezos>	but it will be a challenge since the volunteer
community seems to have its hands occupied at the moment.
 1月 28 05:02:38 <ankit>	let's float the e-mail at least
 1月 28 05:03:00 -->	ChitleshGoorah
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 1月 28 05:03:51 <glezos>	ankit: sure
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 1月 28 05:05:09 ---	glezos がトピックを変更しました: Fedora
Localization Group meeting -- Agenda:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Meetings#agenda -- Open Floor
 1月 28 05:05:23 <Bouska>	!
 1月 28 05:05:32 <glezos>	Bouska: feel free to fire away
 1月 28 05:06:00 -->	drago01
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 1月 28 05:06:13 <Bouska>	just a request, I could send it to the list
but i'm lazy :-p
 1月 28 05:07:17 <Bouska>	the FLSCo should some power to request a
Fedora application to be localized ?
 1月 28 05:07:33 <glezos>	Bouska: good question.
 1月 28 05:08:00 <glezos>	I don't think we can *enforce* a developer to
add i18n support and go through the extra trouble
 1月 28 05:08:26 <Bouska>	i'm referin to Preupgrade which have an
unrespond bug since 5 or 6 months
 1月 28 05:08:37 <glezos>	In general FLSCo has the power to decide how
and when a developer can use our translation community, not the opposite. :)
 1月 28 05:09:03 <glezos>	Bouska: we could certainly ping the developer
 1月 28 05:09:12 <glezos>	Bouska: is the app i18n-ized?
 1月 28 05:09:30 -->	openpercept1 (n=openperc at has
joined #fedora-meeting
 1月 28 05:09:50 <Bouska>	hum, no, if i'm not wrong
 1月 28 05:09:51 <--	openpercept1 (n=openperc at has left
 1月 28 05:10:37 <glezos>	Bouska: I'm sure the guys (lmacken?) would be
thrilled to receive a patch adding i18n support
 1月 28 05:11:13 <--	openpercept has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection
reset by peer))
 1月 28 05:11:38 -->	ffesti (n=ffesti at e177176218.adsl.alicedsl.de) has
joined #fedora-meeting
 1月 28 05:11:46 <Bouska>	hum, let me take the time to understand how
gettext work and i will send a patch :-)
 1月 28 05:12:20 <glezos>	Bouska: :)
 1月 28 05:12:28 <Bouska>	(in a year if i'am quick :-D)
 1月 28 05:13:25 <ankit>	Bouska: there is a team, fedora-i18n-list@ ,
who should be helpful too in this case I guess
 1月 28 05:13:49 <glezos>	ankit: good point
 1月 28 05:14:20 <Bouska>	great, i will send a mail :-)
 1月 28 05:15:09 <glezos>	great
 1月 28 05:15:11 <glezos>	anything else?
 1月 28 05:15:23 <--	lvillani (n=lvillani at kde/developer/lvillani) has
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 1月 28 05:15:31 <ankit>	m done
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 1月 28 05:26:29 <glezos>	back
 1月 28 05:26:36 <glezos>	sorry guys, got caught up with the Board meeting
 1月 28 05:26:45 <glezos>	since there's nothing else
 1月 28 05:26:49 <glezos>	let's end up there
 1月 28 05:26:52 <glezos>	closing in 30
 1月 28 05:28:14 <glezos>	Ah
 1月 28 05:28:17 <glezos>	Before closing
 1月 28 05:28:19 <glezos>	A quick note on Fonds.
 1月 28 05:28:22 <glezos>	agrh
 1月 28 05:28:25 <glezos>	Fonts!
 1月 28 05:28:52 <glezos>	The i18n team does its best to provide some
good default fonts
 1月 28 05:29:18 -->	John5342 (n=john5342 at fedora/John5342) has joined
 1月 28 05:29:19 <glezos>	But only local communities can make sure that
these fonts are the GOOD ones for the local language (and here is where
L10n comes in)
 1月 28 05:30:10 <glezos>	nim-nim and the Fonts team is doing a
re-packaging for fonts so people with non-standard scripts (eg. India,
etc) probably want to participate in this discussion
 1月 28 05:30:12 -->	Pikachu_2014
(n=Pikachu_ at 81-66-20-24.rev.numericable.fr) has joined #fedora-meeting
 1月 28 05:30:13 <glezos>
 1月 28 05:30:54 <glezos>	so, team leaders, get in contact with the
Fonts team and/or nim-nim
 1月 28 05:31:10 <glezos>	nim-nim, please do open up a discussion on
fedora-trans-list to let people know (we're just 5-6 here)
 1月 28 05:31:50 <nim-nim>	glezos: I'll tyr to post a message
 1月 28 05:32:01 <--	tibbs has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
 1月 28 05:32:21 <glezos>	great
 1月 28 05:32:22 <glezos>	</meeting>
 1月 28 05:32:27 <glezos>	Thanks all!

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