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Re: Fedora 11 Schedules

Op woensdag 28-01-2009 om 17:06 uur [tijdzone -0800], schreef John

> Re: "Review and correct fedoraproject.org translations"... I have no 
> idea.  This was a carry-over from Fedora 10.  Can anyone else tell us 
> what this task should be?
> Thanks,
> John
For the dutch i can say that i stumbled at the dutch pages end of
december and found them desolate and more or less abandoned: appearantly
they where ported from something called MoinMoin to something called
MediaWiki. Further investigation revealed many links where faulty,
translations announced in progress were in fact translations of older
releases, code used in MoinMoin doesnt work in MediaWiki; to be short,
since medio 2008 nothing was touched (although till that time an
excellent job). So i decided to clean up the dutch-team wiki part of the
Fedora Project, including reviewing and correcting the dutch translation
of pages (of which some were translations of no-more-existing english
Maybe this was noted for other languages too?


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