Self-Introduction: Tomek Chrzczonowicz

Tomek Chrzczonowicz chrzczonowicz at
Sat Jul 11 22:09:01 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

My name is Tomek Chrzczonowicz. I'm a Polish student of Applied
Languages at University of Silesia. I've been a Fedora user only since
F10 and still have some system administration learning to do.

This is my first attempt at contributing to a Free Software project, so
please bear with me until I find my feet around here. For starters I'd
like to first get a grip on the tools and processes, and if there is a
particular project that could use my help - please let me know.

I also noticed that there are some project websites whose Polish
translations could use some more polish :), so I hope I could do that as

My FAS username: tch
My Wiki page will be at:
My GPG signature:

pub   1024D/AD1A8526 2009-07-11
      Odcisk klucza = 26DA 011D A5F5 9A9C 7848  2053 2A5E 4C7C AD1A 8526
uid                  Tomek Chrzczonowicz <chrzczonowicz at>
sub   2048g/5609E443 2009-07-11

I look forward to working with you

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