Self-Introduction: Josip Šumečki

Josip Šumečki shumi.1337 at
Sat Jul 25 10:47:56 UTC 2009

Josip Šumečki,

Location: Lepoglava/Zagreb, Croatia; CET(GMT+1)
U/N: shumi12321    Language: Croatian (HR)
Student status: Graduate Student of Mathematics and Computing at
University of Zagreb (PMF-MO)
School: Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet Zagreb, Matematički odjel

 I'm using Fedora as only OS on all my computers for more than two years ;)
 I'm interessted in joining other projects which are not only
translation-related (programming).
 I've been working at similar translation projects, such as Facebook Translator.

Computer skills: programming (C/C++ and Java oriented); high interests
in artificial intelligence, metaheuristics, etc.

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uid                  Josip Šumečki (shumi) <shumi.1337 at>
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