Release Notes Schedule

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Tue Jul 28 04:31:27 UTC 2009

> Updated strawman at
> I believe this is consistent with
> as far as major milestones go, but f-12-docs-tasks does have a number 
> of issues which this is intended to correct.  Again, please go through 
> this, see whether it makes sense.  I left the reviews in there, but by 
> eliminating them we could give L10N a little more time, at the 
> possible cost of having more updates later.
> This schedule does anticipate that the bulk of the release notes 
> effort will be completed for beta, and the general availability 
> release notes will simply be updates to reflect issues uncovered 
> during beta.  It remains to be seen how disciplined we can be about 
> "feature complete".
Hello, I am noriko from FLP.
Thank you for offering us to review rel-note schedule.
I've gone through translation related entries.
 * 4.7 Translate f-r-n for beta Sep 6 to Sep 26   21d
 This seems not consistent with f-12-trans-tasks, which says Sep 9 to 
Sep 18.

 * 4.8 Build f-r-n.rpm for beta Sep 29
 A question, there is 2 days blank between 4.7 and 4.8. What is this for?

 * 6.7 Translate f-r-n for GA Oct 20 to Oct 26  7d
 This seems not consistent with f-12-trans-tasks, which says Oct 9 to 
Oct 16.
 * Review translation not scheduled
 Please set up 'Review translation'.  Since we translate PO file, so it 
is extremely helpful if docs team can build html for review before the 

 * 7.4 Translate 0-day
 I understand that docs team has little window for Zero Day Update. But 
let me become devil this time as experiment. Is any chance that rel-note 
team can place this entry before GA Public Availability 3-Nov for 
inclusion?  Just tiny window is fine.  I can not guarantee at all how 
many translators can respond.

That is all from me.

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