Self-Introduction: Mahmoud Jalajel

Mahmoud Jalajel m.jalajel at
Tue Jul 28 22:10:45 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

My name is Mahmoud M. Jalajel, I live in Amman, Jordan. I'm very new
to Fedora (hours-old actually), I have used Ubuntu for a while but I
was working on a graduation project so I switched to Fedora, I am very
passionate about FOSS and want to contribute whatever I can in it. As
a start, I'm applying to translate English-to-Arabic, and I'm trying
to get to know Fedora more to be able to write OS packages to it since
i have fair programming skills but it's been a while since i practised
them. I spent a lot of my time in collage doing voluntary works and
working on my soft skills, interpersonal skills, management, and
leadership. I was also writing in a national youth magazine in
technology section both in Arabic and English.

I am really excited to joining this team !!!

My Details are below:

Mahmoud M. Jalajel
Amman, Jordan
Username: mjalajel
I'm translating English-to-Arabic
Computer Engineering Student, 4th year - Yarmouk University - Irbid, Jordan

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uid                  Mahmoud M. Jalajel (inlove) <m.jalajel at>
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Mahmoud M. Jalajel
Phone: +962 78 5852568
Skype: m.jalajel

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