TQSG Review: My suggestions

Shankar Prasad Venkateshbhat svenkate at redhat.com
Fri Jun 12 09:18:23 UTC 2009

Hi all,

After reviewing the TQSG book, here are my initial suggestions:

Things to be omitted:
* 2.7 Testing your access : This should be removed as we no more use cvs

Changes/Correction to be made:
* 2.6.1 Joining the cvsl10n Group: The url provided in the section 1. 
need to be corrected. 'user_name' should be changed to <user_name>

* In Section 2.8.2, to make sense, the url provided has to be properly 
placed in the sentence.

* Once the old damned lies interface is replaced by the new transifex 
interface the url given in the section 3.2.1 has to be updated,
  which are currently throwing up "proxy error"

* Section 3.3 Committing the Modules, need to be rewritten in accordance 
with the new transifex submitting procedures.

* Contributors list need to be updated.


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