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Fri Jun 12 16:20:29 UTC 2009

I'm Ahmad Muhammad Amin Alhosiny....I'm from Cairo-Egypt....My username on FAS is : a7madal7osiny and my language to translate is Arabic....I'm in the secondary level in education....I'm in school called Gohar....I knew linux from one of my friends , I tried first "ubuntu" but it
failed on my computer many times so I used fedora ,I found it more good
on my computer but I think if someone used the fedora for the first
time he would hate linux because you have to setup drivers by yourself
and openoffice "I mean on the CD not DVD" so I'm using linux because of
the bad policy of mircosoft to monoploy the OS and other programs such
as office and make the prices sky high ...My computer skills : I know  a little about PHOTO SHOP but I stopped using it because it's illegal so I know about GIMP ,, I can work on word , powerpoint , exel (illegally learnt it :D),,,,, I can use windows ,, explore programs and games ,,, quite good little experience in   1024D/D66B746E 2004-09-21Key fingerprint = B489 9349 1D60 6C38 1BF4  98E9 0275 AF82 D66B 746Euid                  Skype Technologies S.A. <info at>sub   1024g/FCC6A0AB 2004-09-21

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