Self-Introduction: Aveek Sen

Aveek Sen aveeksn at
Fri Jun 26 20:49:12 UTC 2009


This is my introduction.

    *  Full legal name-Aveek Sen
    * City-Ranchi & Agartala, Country-India
    * FAS user name-aveeksen
    * Language to translate-Hindi, Bengali & French(rudimentary)
    * Student status-Second year student of Electronics &
Communication Engineering, Fedora Ambassador, NIT Agartala, India.
    * College-NIT Agartala, India.
    * You and the Fedora Project- currently an ambassador with the
Fedora project
    * What level and type of computer skills do you have?
    Know basics of C, C++, Java, Python & shell-scripting
    * User interface design, other so-called soft skills (people
skills), programming, etc.-- A am good orator & people's person
    * GPG KEYID-D437DD9A and fingerprint-9EC1 559C 0744 029B 01B4
B942 707B 3D0D D437 DD9A

[root at aveek /]# gpg --fingerprint D437DD9A
pub   1024D/D437DD9A 2009-06-26
      Key fingerprint = 9EC1 559C 0744 029B 01B4  B942 707B 3D0D D437 DD9A
uid                  Aveek Sen <aveeksn at>
sub   2048g/B5A40FF4 2009-06-26

aveeksn at
aveeksen at
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