Self-Introduction: Igor Gorbounov

Igor Gorbounov igor.gorbounov at
Sat Jun 27 11:09:14 UTC 2009

Hi, All!

My name is Igor Gorbounov, I'm using Fedora/RedHat at work and at home
since RedHat 5.02 (migrated from OS/2)

My native language is Russian and I'd like to contribute to localization
Project and, may be, to participate in translating docs.

Here is a short self-introduction:

I'm living in Volgodonsk, Russia (Timezone -  "Europe/Moscow", UTC/GMT 
+3 hours).

I'm working now as a program developer mainly for embedded devices
(using AVR-GCC, SDCC...).

I've participated in localization of three open source projects:
Qucs (, Virtual Box 
( and
dvdisaster (

FAS username - igorbounov

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
C266 B4E6 7338 9F7D E648  658E 5011 A19C 2F7A CFE4
uid                  Igor Gorbounov (me) <igor.gorbounov at>
sub   2048g/4B2CB849 2009-06-27

     Igor Gorbounov

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